Cauvery River Railway Bridges



Case Studies

Project: Cauvery River Railway Bridges


Details: There are 2 prestressed bridges spanning the Cauvery River with 47 spans in all. The existing superstructure consisted of two prestressed concrete girders spaced 1.2 meter apart with RCC decking on top.


Challenge: These bridges were to be converted from Meter Gauge to Broad Gauge track.


Solution: A full scale model test was performed on 2 released girders with RDSO, Lucknow. The tests were performed upto the ultimate capacity requirement of RBG loading according to the Indian Railway – Concrete Bridge Code. The prestressed concrete girders were strengthened by providing external post-tensioning and by increasing the thickness of the slab. Freyssinet 12 (phi) 5 tendons were used externally and were anchored at the end of the span.

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