Jaffrabad Jetty



Case Studies

Project: Jaffrabad Jetty


Details: The main jetty is 211 meter long and is used for berthing of ships. It is connected to the 265 meter long approach jetty. The width of the jetties is 11 meter and 10 meter respectively. The superstructure of the jetty consists of a 200 mm thick RCC deck slab resting on "T" beams and end "L" beams supported on main beams.


Challenge: The main/secondary "L" beams showed excessive distress with as much as 40% corrosion of steel and loss of density of concrete due to the saline atmosphere.


Solution: The main beams, "L" beams, along with the slab were dismantled and removed. New beams were cast off site, transported by a moving gantry and erected on site. The new deck was cast in parts after erection of the beams. Fenders were repaired as well as new fenders fixed.
The approach jetty was also repaired. Some main beams were replaced and the conveyor belt system was repaired. A noteworthy fact was that the entire project was completed without interrupting the operation of the conveyor belt.

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