Jui Creek Bridge, Navi Mumbai



Case Studies

Project:Jui Creek Bridge, Navi Mumbai


Details: Jui Creek Bridge is a link between Old Bombay and New Bombay. The bridge consists of two simply supported spans of 44 M. length supporting two carriageways each of 7.3 M. width, two footpaths and central verge of 1.2 M. Detailed inspection and study of design showed that the structure is in good condition and the stability of the bridge is not going to be affected by raising the deck level by 2.65 M.


Challenge: An important road passes under this bridge. The only remedy was to raise the decking of the bridge by 2.65 M.


Solution:Temporary diversion of the traffic was arranged. Seven girders of each span weighing 1400 T. were lifted simultaneously by using hydraulic jacks. After completing desired lifting, the load was transferred on to the support system and abutments and pier were raised to the new level. The decking load was then transferred to new elastomeric bearings installed on the raised substructure.

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