Vansadhara Bridge in Orissa State



Case Studies

Project: Vansadhara bridge, Orissa


Details: This bridge is situated on Behrampur-Raigada State Highway No.4 in Orissa. There are 9 spans of 104 ft. each and 2 end spans of 35 ft. with floating spans of 5 ft. The superstructure consists of RCC box girder with twin cells and balanced cantilever supported on solid piers. Rocker and roller steel bearings were provided on the piers supported by dumbbell shaped well foundations.


Challenge: During one of the high floods, the transmission tower and cables on it toppled and thousands of mango trees got uprooted and blocked the waterway. Due to this the abutment on the right bank together with P1 and P2 and decking got washed away. The superstructure on P3 and P4 shifted towards the downstream side and rested on 2 pedestals only.

The piers P3 and P4 were tilted towards the upstream side. The main span P3–P4 and suspended span P4-P5 were saved from getting washed away. However, they got misaligned badly in 3 directions.


Solution: P3-P4 span was rehabilitated by us successfully by adopting following measures:

1. Damaged concrete removed.
2. Both piers were provided with RCC cladding and anchoring of reinforcement was done with well cap and existing pier.
3. Span was lifted to the original level.
4. Lifted span was rotated for achieving proper alignment.
5. Span lowered on the Neoprene bearings.

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