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Cryogenic Tanks


Cryogenic tanks are basically constructed for storage of cold liquid, such as ethylene or LNG (Liquefied natural gas). LNG is natural gas that has been super cooled to a temperature around -162°C whereby it condenses into a liquid form. The liquid, which remains at normal atmospheric pressure, occupies 600 times less space than gas and weighs 45% of an equivalent amount of water, making LNG easy to transport and store. The outer shell of a typical LNG tank is a containment vessel made in prestressed concrete.
Prestressing technology consists in applying permanent compressive stresses induced by high strength steel tendons stressed in the concrete in order to strengthen the structure and ensure the liquid tightness of the LNG at very low temperature.
Few of completed/ongoing LNG tanks projects are listed below:

1. LNG storage tank –Dahej, Gujrat
2. LNG storage tank, Kochi


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